2017 is shaping up to be an even busier year than 2016.

The combined value of every home in the United States is expected to climb to a record high of more than $29.6 trillion, up 5.7 percent from just one year ago.

To try to put that in perspective....

The U.S. housing market is now worth more than:

  • The GDP of the United States and China combined

  • The entire 2015 market cap of every U.S. public company combined (almost $25 trillion)

Plus it is now worth:

  • 20x more than the net worth of the 50 richest Americans ($1.2 trillion)

  • 20x more than 3,000 brand new Boeing 747-8s ($1.2 trillion)

In fact, it would take 339 people with the net worth of Bill Gates ($84 billion) to purchase every home in the United States!

It’s clear that our housing market is insanely valuable and your home’s value is a part of that.

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